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                      Enterprise qualification


                      • Considering the quality of machinery as the life and the user as God

                        With the continuous expansion of production scale and business scope, our factory has all kinds of advanced machinery and equipment, and matching physical and chemical measurement and testing methods. 06-07

                      • The internal competition in the reducer industry is becoming more and more intense

                        In recent years, China's reducer has benefited from the continuous deepening of the industrialization and urbanization process and the country’s attention to the machinery manufacturing industry. The reducer industry is one of the basic equipment industries in China. 06-07

                      • JC.H.B series reducer

                        JC.HB series reducer adopts universal design scheme, which can be transformed into professional gearbox according to customer's requirements; parallel shaft, orthogonal shaft, vertical and horizontal universal box are realized, the types of parts are reduced 06-07

                      OUR PARTNER

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